Afghanistan in Hue and Hardship

Portraying the “life” of the people who are acclimatized to war, whose everyday news is bolded by headlines of “death”, is an arduous job; and it will be a useless effort if we think bitterly.

Afghans’ life is so closely mingled with death that, in spite of their blatant contrast, are indiscernible. Afghans rise to life from a context of disaster. This composes a surreal picture that patently displays their “zeal for life”. Behind headlines of explosion and death, other pages from the lives of Afghan men and women are marked.

The moments I have captured within the frames attempt to impartially exhibit a part of the sharp contrast surrounding their life: the contrast between hue and hardship. For a moment, hue takes hardship’s place. Watching their life, throughout these photos, demands meticulous observation.

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